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We are a family run company successfully delivering spectacular ferret racing events to shows and festivals across the whole of the UK. In the early days of 2006, we began travelling around the country mainly racing our ferrets at shows and surprisingly, we found that it appealed just as much to people in the centre of London as it did in the countryside! Ferret racing can provide quirky and lively entertainment for your event and is led by Malachy de Lacy, who is our experienced ferret handler. With Malachy’s years of experience to hand, audiences find our show not only greatly entertaining, but educational too.

Our racing events appeal to all audiences and attract large crowds. We offer bespoke packages suitable for all occasions, everything from community race nights in village halls and corporate team building events in company spaces, to wedding party entertainment in magnificent grounds. We tailor everything to make all ferret racing shows work beautifully for your particular event


If you would like more information about our shows, please contact us!

Our Venues

Over the years we have built a friendly client base, who have us returning every year to their shows. We have performed all around the country in places such as:

  • Blenheim Palace
  • Castle Howard
  • Fulham Palace
  • Knebworth House
  • Regents Parks

… even Ascot, although not for the Gold Cup!

What’s Next?

We are very excited about a new show we are developing to compliment our existing ferret racing, which will make us more diverse, yet equally as funny and entertaining! We’re not giving anything away just yet, but keep an eye out for our News Feed over the coming months.

Also take a look at our list of upcoming events, come along and join in the crack!We’ll be in the green and white tent. Look for the feller in the Trilby hat… … chatting!

Malarky de Lacy

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