Country Shows & Fetes

When booking an act for a typical country show, the main arena will normally have big acts such as horses, which will create a full spectacle. There will also be falconry displays and generally some form of dog act such as sheep or duck herding, with collies or gun dog displays.

In recent times organisers have been looking for something different to compliment these.  Our ferret racing offer is the ideal addition for all country shows and fetes.  Wild In The Country shows perfectly complement all main arena events, providing a unique, fun and interactive performance which delights every crowd.

There is a thought that ferret racing is not a large enough act to hold an arena, so we have packaged our ferret racing as an act similar to the circus clowns, who simply entertain between the larger acts, but who are often remembered after the show because it is a funny, more interactive display.

The chatter and quick wit of our genial compere, Malachy de Lacy, quickly gathers and holds an audience.  His interactive banter both informs and engages the budding throng, who often linger long after the race to chat and meet the stars of the show.

Building up to a grand finale, featuring the best performing ferrets of the day, we can offer several racing heats to run throughout your event.  We will also work within your exacting time and schedule restrictions to help make your event run seamlessly.

And the good news is that all you need to provide us with is the space – we’ll sort out everything else.

Below are some of the Country Shows & Fetes you can find us at in 2018.  (Private and Corporate bookings are not recorded on here.  To check our availability contact us direct, we’ll be happy to see if  we can help at your event).

Some of the country shows we are performing at:


Name of Show


5th - 7th May

Southsea Show Portsmouth


27th May

North Norfolk Show


9th June

Charter Fayre


29th June

Kids Country Food & Farming Day

East of England

18-19 August

Southdowns Show

Southdown, Hampshire

24-26 August

Laverstoke Park Farm, Hampshire

... We look forward to seeing you there!

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