Race Nights

Our Wild In The Country race nights started out as a dodgy betting scam in the back rooms of pubs …. well not exactly – but however they originated, our ferret race nights have quickly become popular events.

Race nights work successfully in a variety of venues and spaces, including pubs, village halls, casinos and offices.  They prove to be a great way of dragging people out of their houses on cold winter nights and bringing communities together on balmy summer evenings for socialising, fund raising and having fun.

At our Ferret race nights, everyone can get involved – and it’s not unusual for youngsters to bring along their pet ferrets to race against our own performers.

Our charismatic compere, Malachy de Lacy, engages the crowd with the informal betting system on offer.  The night often begins tentatively as the audience finds its feet, but as confidence quickly builds the atmosphere becomes more intense and competitive – with no limits set on the amount that can be placed on your favourite runner.

As well as individuals betting on the ferrets, races and ferrets can also both be sponsored, adding additional interest to our race events – which are always nights to remember.

The Performers

Our stable of ferrets consists of our own friendly pets which are treated with the appropriate care and affection.  Part of their regular routine includes the enjoyment of running along tubes so race events are just normal days for them.

Our ferrets love satisfying their natural curiosity by racing along our obstacle course pipes to find out what’s at the other end – even if it is only the pursuit of victory.  The pipes are interspersed with see-through sections to enable the crowd to check on the progress of their favourite runner.

Our best known ferret , who is no longer with us, was ‘One Eyed Crazyjack’ who featured in The Field Magazine.   He was extremely popular at shows and is sadly missed.  However his son Crazyjack is continuing in his father’s paw prints and proving something of a celebrity himself, and as you might expect, he is not the full ticket.

We have a hole host of other runners with their own unique personalities which are reflected by their names – come and meet them between the races to find out more.

Ferret Racing Contenders Ferret Racing at Corporate Event, Hertford

We have the original …

Bad Boy Bubba

An angry ferret who is now a reformed character and very popular with all ‘Bad Boys’

Sexy Beast

A remarkable ferret who isn’t the best racer, but looks so cool.


A ferret that no-one really likes, even the other ferrets don't like him.

Kev the Ferret

He’s from Essex and was named after a feller called ‘Kev the Ferret’.

Party Boy

More of a night time performer.

The Silver Surfer

An Australian ferret, yes flown in to compete in British big time ferret racing.

Betty Boo

A real crowd favourite, all the ladies bet on her (as well as Bad Boy Bubba)

Riff Raff

A troubled soul who was literally found under a hedge.


A bit of an alien who is capable of winning constantly.

Polecat Paddy

Seems to only win at Cheltenham.


Son of the legendary One Eyed Crazyjack!

Jibba Jabba

A no nonsense kind of ferret!

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