Food and Farming Day – East of England Showground

Food and Farming Day- 3rd July 2015, Kid’s Country –  East of England Agricultural Society

Food and Farming Day

Kids Food and Farming Day


Wild In The Country Ltd were proud to be involved in this year’s Food and Farming Day at East of England Showground, providing Ferret Racing for the children during the day’s Educational programme.

The Food and Farming Day is the perfect opportunity to offer children an exciting education visit away from the classroom with a fun-packed and hands-on approach to agriculture, food and local produce.

The Food and Farming Day offers:

  • Access to out of classroom teaching in a stimulating environment
  • An interactive learning experience for children
  • Strong rural themes
  • Pre and post visit project work that fits into the curriculum
  • Measurable learning outcomes

The Showground played host to 5,500 children from schools across the region to celebrate all things associated with food and farming.  There were exhibitors and interactive work-shops from key members of the industry, offering a unique learning opportunity.  From working dogs to ponies, sausage and flour making, to rare breeds and rural crafts.

And what a day it was!  With over 5,500 children across the Eastern region, coming together to learn where their food comes from and the importance of agriculture.

Some of the pupils from Dogsthorpe Academy added: “We love coming to the food and farming day because there is so much to see and do. We get to pet animals, race ferrets and watch dancing sheep, as well as learning lots of cool facts! We learnt the chickens can lay up to 300 eggs a year and cows drink up to two paddling pools of water a day!”

The teachers who attended also commented “Although we do teach the children about food and farming in the classroom, nothing beats a fully interactive experience where they can see how farming really works first hand. Events like these touch upon all areas of the curriculum, from the science and engineering aspects of farm machinery and food technology, through to the history and geography of agriculture in the UK. Some of the children have never actually seen an African Village or a goat in the flesh before, and so the day has really opened their eyes to a whole new world.”

For Wild In The Country Ltd, it was great opportunity to introduce ferrets as part of an educational session to the children on the day.  They were able to learn more about the history of ferrets, their characters, how to look after a pet ferret and to get a chance of course, at Ferret Racing.  It was a hugely successful day all round, and Wild In the Country Ltd will be looking forward to taking part again next year, at this fantastic event.


Kids Food and Farming Day

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