Great Day’s Racing at Midsummer Madness 2015

Wild In The Country Ltd had a great day ferret racing at Midsummer Madness event in Bletchley.

The weather was perfect for the day, and the crowds certainly didn’t let us down.  It was lovely to see so many people attend.   Our compere, Malachy de Lacy, enjoyed getting the crowds cheering, and taking sides with their favourite ferrets.  Everyone in the crowd was certainly having fun participating (poor old Ratso does get a hard time at these events, but good to see some new supporters for the little devil!) and there was plenty of chatter in between races, where Malachy could take time to talk to the crowds, introduce the ferrets more, get the children to see their favourite ferrets and learn a little more about how they can make good pets.

A very kind lady (thank you Andrea) sent Wild In The Country Ltd some of her photos of the day, which we always gratefully receive as we always feel this shows how much the crowds enjoy their day and the ferrets.  We’ve put the photos on our Facebook page, make sure you click on our Facebook Icon on the bottom of our website pages, to see more.

Wild In The Country Ltd Ferret Racing

Ferret Racing with Wild In The Country Ltd at Midsummer Madness Event


Wild In The Country Ltd Ferret Racing

Our Compere getting the crowds going



Wild In The Country Ltd racing

A well deserved drink after the race

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